HBY’s custom trucks and trailers are the right tools for the job.

Our trucks have hydraulic drop hitches that extend the trailer 3 feet deeper in the water, allowing us to pull your boat onto the trailer by hand.

Have you ever been knee deep in the water telling your buddy to gun it up onto the trailer? We can help you avoid a repeat.

HBY has 3 hydraulic trailers for trailerless boats. After gently guiding the nose of the boat into the 1″ thick rubber bow bunk, we raise the hydraulic arms with 2 sq ft rubber pads, gently picking the up boat.

Homer Boat Yard has the only road legal hydraulic trailers on the southern Kenai Peninsula. Our trailers can handle boats up to 42′ long and 42,000 lbs.

We can also haul with your trailer, if we’re already at the ramp, it’s just $25 for us to splash it for you. If you just need to do a quick prop change or have a mechanic work on it for a few hours, we can pull your boat and leave it on the trailer, then launch it later in the day.

We also do long hauls: Kenai, Seward, Whittier, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Haines…

Call to set up a day and time.



Hauling subject to Alaska DOT Regulations. No hauls requiring Permits from noon Friday ’til Tuesday on Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day weekends.

Local Boat Hauling Prices
On your trailer ………… $5 – $10  per foot
On HBY trailer ……….. $10 – $15  per foot
     (Plus $100 per pilot car as needed)
Prop/Oil change ………….$100 – $500
Long hauls …………….Call for Quote

We also haul small buildings, connex storage containers, and more.

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